After a 5 year absence, 2022 marks the return of Cult’s esteemed Chairity Project, the event that invites leading Australian creatives to bravely reinterpret an iconic chair design according to their craft.
This year, we were invited to reinterpret HAY’s iconic 1950’s Result Chair designed by Frisco Kramer and Wim Rietveld.

The focus this year was anchored around the Melbourne Design Fair’s theme: “design the world you want”. We focussed on the pillar of “civic good” and the idea that good design has the potential to transform aspects of society, by benefiting everyone, rather than individuals.

Our approach involved highlighting the role that bees play as a “keystone” species in ensuring our survival. 1 in every 3 mouthfuls of food occurs because bees pollinate plants. Bee habitats are under threat globally for many reasons, including deforestation and over development. By incorporating more bee habitat into the design of our public (and private) outdoor spaces we can all play a role in this vital ecosystem’s survival.

We deconstructed the entire chair. We remade the “steel frame” out of beeswax and turned the chair’s upright posts into beeswax candlesticks. We applied an Australian native botanical fragrance to the timber seat and backrest.

All 18 final submissions can be viewed in person during the following dates:

17 – 20 March | Cult Design Melbourne
28 March – 3 April | HAY Shop, Sydney

They can also be viewed online (and bid for) at 

All proceeds will be donated to the following charities:
Cancer Council
Australian Red Cross
Greening Australia





 "It has been such an honour to be selected amongst this exceptional crop of Australia’s design talent participating in this exciting project. 5 worthy causes and a beautiful iconic chair to reinterpret. Applying my craft as a perfumer and candle maker was so much fun, and very challenging.  Who knew that making a chair out of beeswax could be so hard?” 

~ Craig Andrade