A day in the life



A beautiful historic home on the edge of the Ku Ring Gai national park, accessed by boat only, provides a comforting refuge and inspiring canvas the founder of the Raconteur with its complete immersion in nature.

Video and photography credit: Henry Cousins and Anson Smart



Part 2 in our 3 part series on "A Day In The Life of The Raconteur” focuses on the role that the Australian landscape plays as an inspiring canvass for Craig to explore our native botanicals and develop his ideas for creating unique Australian fragrances.

Video credit: Henry Cousins


Part 3 in our 3 part series "A Day In The Life of The Raconteur" takes us on a visual tour of our flagship store The Embassy, in Paddington.

Video credit: Henry Cousins

Interview with Good Weekend Magazine 

"Just because it comes from Europe doesn't mean it's the best"
~ Craig Andrade, Perfumer & Founder of The Raconteur

Watch the full interview by Good Weekend Magazine for the Sydney Morning Herald / The Age where Craig talks about his passionate interest in bringing the unique beauty of Australia’s native botanicals to the fragrance world.

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Yuji Shimada -  Sydney Morning Herald / The Age 

Designing experiences through scent


How does scent impact our mood and mind? Why is it important to design for all the senses? And what do you do when you realised you’ve designed a life you no longer want? As a partner in the world’s largest law firm, Craig Andrade was living the life he’d aways dreamed of. Or was he? It was during a candle-making class he’d decided to take on a whim he realised the transformative power of scent and his deep spiritual connection to fragrance. From the moment on, Craig’s life changed - he’s now a perfumer with a highly-successful artisanal luxury fragrance house. He’s passionate about sharing Australia’s extraordinary botanical heritage and specialises in natural botanical fragrances using often-unknown and unused Australian native scents. Listen in as Vince and Craig discuss designing for all the senses, finding the strength to make brave life changes, and the Frost*Chapters tri-layer candle they have created together.