A collaboration between Troye Sivan and our perfumer, Craig Andrade to create a signature fragrance for Troye’s lifestyle brand, Tsu Lange Yor. 

TLY5755 is an observance of native AU fragrance and material.

WARMTH, SPICE, HERBACEOUSNESS culminate in calm yet sophisticated quiet.

FEEL — smooth, velvet, worn wooden furnishings, close heat, crisp forest air. 

Tsu Lange Yor



Tsu Lange Yor



Tsu Lange Yor

Oil burner blend


Perfumer’s notes

The heart of this fragrance is all about the combination of a rich warm spice from Tasmanian Mountain Pepper, fresh crisp green Japanese shiso leaf, and a soft velvet creaminess from Australian native sandalwood. 

This fragrance includes a “world first” component in that Tasmanian Mountain Pepper has never been used in fine fragrance before. Not only that, but our friends at Essential Oils of Tasmania have processed the oil extraction using CO2 gas, which has never been done before. The result is the extraction of a smooth, warm, rich, earthy and green spice. This is a new way to present spice in a fine fragrance as compared to the other typical spice notes (pink pepper, black pepper, cardamom, timut etc). 

The Tasmanian Mountain pepper is also harvested wild under a strict licensing regime from areas of Tasmania’s rugged west native rainforests. A careful replanting scheme of Mountain Pepper is undertaken as part of each year’s harvest to ensure a steady and sustainable supply of this native Australian plant in future.

~ Craig Andrade


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