Religious Guilt Spritz


The burden of original sin need not linger, ….  with one spritz of the finger. Introducing Religious Guilt Spritz, a fresh new fragrance from the stone steeple laden Barossa, laced with the most sacred religious oils on earth. 


 Perfumer's Notes

"I’ve had a lot of fun creating these! When I was in the Barossa sampling many wines and looking down at all the empty glasses (actually, erm, bottles) every time I looked up from my consumption, and desire, there was a church. Stone steeples literally everywhere.

As I explored all the world’s religions to develop this fragrance I got to work with the most sacred oils on earth. From frankincense and myrrh to palo santo and sandalwood. The result is a fragrance that connects you to thousands of years of worship, celebration, reflection and acknowledgement of another spiritual realm. It’s big. So too is the liberating spritz from all guilt".

~ Craig Andrade

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