Sensory First Aid Kit - Part 1

Fragrance has the ability to transport us to fond memories from the past, as well as anchor us in the present with moments of incredible beauty and joy. It can even to cause us to close our eyes, feel uplifted, and dream about the future. No other sensory system has that power. Using our olfactory system to help shape a positive mood at a time like this couldn’t be more relevant. 

We’re all in this together. As we seek to “flatten the curve”, over the next couple of weeks we’ll share some ideas from The Raconteur on how all five senses can be incorporated into your plan for good “self care” during these socially isolating times.

Sensory First Aid Kit

Saturday 21 March is International Fragrance Day. To celebrate, we’d like to introduce you to an amazing Australian native botanical, Kimberley Heath.

This wild harvested flower comes from northern Australia in the remote and ruggedly beautiful Kimberley region. It’s incredibly rare (only 10% of this remote flower can be harvested under licence) and it has a complex scent profile with energising lemon, lime and eucalyptus, uplifting white floral notes and calming earthy, woody facets.

We were the first candle maker in the world to use this ingredient.  We incorporated it into a custom fragrance we developed for Paspaley to tell the story about the scent of the Kimberley, where the Paspaley pearls are grown along the coast. 

Sensory First Aid Kit

Escape with us and travel to iconic locations around Australia without leaving your living room simply by experiencing the scent of Australia’s unique native botanical heritage. 

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