Dirty Gold Digger

In the 1850’s central Victoria was the site of the world’s biggest gold rush. As prospectors cleared land, they brushed up against eucalyptus trees and the oil from the leaves seeped onto their forearms and sleeves.
Someone had the idea of distilling the leaves — and that led to Australia’s liquid gold industry: eucalyptus oil.
Dirty Gold Digger is an uplifting new unisex fragrance that honours all the adventurers, risk-takers and dream-chasers. It celebrates all of us who dance to the tune of life with a free spirit, stoic soul and resilient heart.


"When I was travelling around central Victoria visiting old gold mining towns I was struck by the romance of a bygone era, when pioneers were out in wild bush chasing their dreams 170 years ago, risking everything. I love the fact that this adventure lead to the accidental discovery of our eucalyptus oil.

I wanted to create a fragrance that would honour Australia’s liquid gold, but give it a contemporary edge. The hero is our native eucalyptus and I’ve paired it with yuzu, a light Japanese citrus. I’ve then softened it with creamy tonka bean and amyris.

This is a fresh and uplifting fragrance — it conveys optimism. Perfect for these times. It’s the tonic for your mind as you start your day and follow your dreams".

~ Craig Andrade