Cloud 9 Juice

Cast your mind back to your perfect summer holiday. A time when everything was in sync. You fell in love every weekend. The world was at your feet. Opportunity was everywhere. Time stretched forever. There was no “no” in your vocabulary, everything was a “yes”. And importantly, there were no hangovers.
 We’ve squeezed the delicious drops out of that state of utopia and created our lightest and freshest scent yet.


“I am obsessed with this scent ~ the watermelon, sea salt and jasmine combo with a hint of cedarwood is pure joy. It’s ridiculous how simple things can bring so much pleasure, but they do.

I had so much fun creating this and was in a constant state of drifting in and out of summer memories. Some were a little hazy. But they were bright, breezy, sandy, by the water and inevitably involved buckets of ice and gallons of rosé. Coconut suntan lotion was not too far away either.

Summer is a state of mind. Wherever you are, I hope Cloud 9 Juice brings you a perfect summer full of optimism and you enjoy this fragrance as much as I enjoyed creating it”.

~ Craig Andrade