Nicky Oatley I Hamilton Island

One of our early collaborations we were privileged to create was a custom fragrance for Hamilton Island. We caught up with Nicky Oatley and asked her to share some of her favourite scent experiences.
“There is nothing quite like walking through the natural bushland of Hamilton Island to the highest vantage point, Passage Peak. I’m an early riser and this walk is perfect for watching the sunrise over the ocean and enjoying the 360 degree sweeping views of the beautiful Whitsundays. I always tell anyone doing this walk to keep their eye out for the pair of wedge-tailed eagles who call Hamilton Island home, because if you're lucky you might spot them soaring above Passage Peak in the early morning.”
“The smell of the Eucalyptus gum tree with warm salty air. This scent always conjures up wonderful memories of trips to Hamilton Island, which is such a big part of my life. I started traveling to the Island when I was four years old with my family and it has not only been the backdrop of so many wonderful events and important milestones but also those simple moments with family that happen on holidays when everyone is disconnected from everyday life”.
~ Nicky Oatley
Perfumer’s Notes

"I really wanted to tell a tropical scent story with a twist. That meant including some classic elements, such as the salty, marine and seagrass notes, and then looking deeper for refreshment from the native ginger, the lemon myrtle, and even giving a nod to wild herbs growing on the island. It’s turned out to be one of our most popular scents!"

~ Craig Andrade


*Selected imagery courtesy of  @hamiltonisland