Lennox Hastie | Firedoor

We caught up with Lennox Hastie, founder and chef behind Firedoor, one of the world’s most unique restaurants, where everything is cooked over fire and elevated to a fine art.
"The Muogamarra nature reserve, which is open only 6 weekends of the year in the spring when it comes alive in the most incredible display of Australian wildflowers. This pristine site is also home to unique fauna and aboriginal engravings and is so well-preserved that it feels like stepping back in time."
"My favourite food scent is the unmistakable aroma of freshly baked bread which never fails to turn my head and draw me closer. I’m lucky that my wife bakes a loaf most mornings and it’s the most arousing aroma to wake up to."
You can watch Lennox in action as he celebrates the best of Australian produce and learn more about his incredible journey on Netflix - Chef's Table - BBQ.
We created a custom fragrance for Firedoor that is based on some of the ingredients Lennox cooks with. It's designed to capture the warmth and energy of sitting around an open fire.

Images: @firedoor_surryhills