Peter Gilmore | Quay & Bennelong

 In one of our earliest collaborations, we worked with Peter Gilmore to capture the essence of dining at Quay and Bennelong at the Sydney Opera House, two of Australia’s leading dining institutions. Peter is one of Australia’s most decorated chefs and his knowledge of ingredients and technical skills as a chef meant he came to the world of scent armed with passion! And lots of questions.

We caught up with Peter and asked him to share some of his favourite scent experiences.

Image courtesy of @quayrestaurant


"This is actually close to home - I love the walks off West Head up in Pittwater that go down to the coves and beaches like West Head Beach and Resolute Bay, that whole area I think is really stunning. The sandstone caves, the typography and the proximity to Pittwater are magical. The bays and beaches are incredibly peaceful, so often, especially during the week there is not a soul to be seen, you have them all to yourself, it’s a real reward after an hour and a half’s walk".


Image courtesy of @bennelong_sydney 



"Isn’t it incredible how scent takes you back to a particular place and time like it was yesterday?

My earliest scent memory is the smell of ripe mangoes in my Nana’s bag when she came to visit. The scent was so distinctive, she knew how much I adored those mangoes and even if she said she didn’t bring any, I always knew they were in there! I must have been about four years of age. Back then, mangoes were only in season for such a short period of time; the height of summer in January; that each and every time, there was such an anticipation of eating them knowing what a special treat they were".

~ Peter Gilmore