James and Hayley Baillie I Lord Howe Island

Video courtesy of @_markfitz
We’re working with James and Hayley to design a custom fragrance for Capella Lodge on Lord Howe Island and caught up with them to discuss their favourite scent memories.
“One of Australia’s best day walks, Mt Gower [Lord Howe Island] is almost 900m above sea level. It’s a decent 5-6 hours return – the views are just spectacular and if you add cloud it can be totally eerie! Jurassic Park is the closest analogy – forests studded with the endemic Kentia Palm and as you reach the summit its literally another world of gnarly moss covered trees. A cold beer never tastes so good on return".



"Whenever I’ve stayed at the Asian Aman resorts it feels like coming home to be greeted by the heady scent of the tuberose. Often I’ve caught myself sticking my head in the flowers!”.

- James Baillie