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This candle has been created for Capella Lodge on the pristine world heritage site of Lord Howe Island.

While the scent starts as a classic fresh, oceanic story with a lush green rainforest undertone and hints of citrus, peach and jasmine, the real highlights lie in showcasing the unique aromatic profile of native auracaria, a rare species of ancient pine tree with a beautiful balsamic, resinous, and slightly floral-woody note, native wonga-wonga vine and its delicate creamy vanilla scent, and native hot bark with its soft, spicy, sandalwood profile.

Scent: salty, oceanic, citrus, floral, green (fresh), balsamic, resinous, creamy, woody (light)

Elements: salt, lemon, native bloodwood, kelp, native hot bark (accord), jasmine, peach, cedarwood, native wonga-wonga vine (accord), tree-moss, vetiver

Surprise: native auracaria

Mood & Chemistry:  calming, grounding & uplifting

Form: smooth, crisp, round

Structure: narrative

Sound: Listen

Handmade in Sydney
Burns: 60+ hours
100% soy wax
Pure cotton wicks
Free of paraffin, parabens, phthalates and lead
Weight: 300g

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Candle Care - key tips to make your candle burn longer.


Over the past 4 years, three creative practitioners have each worked to contribute towards the beautiful storytelling that lies at the heart of the lodge and its’ setting on Lord Howe.

The artwork on the sleeve is by Josh Yeldham, who has captured a glimpse of the immense mountains Gower and Lidgbird, drawing on his deep observation of nature while spending time on the island.

The organic ceramic vessels are handmade by master potter Malcolm Greenwood. Only 50 have been created.

The scent was created by our perfumer, Craig Andrade. He visited Lord Howe in January 2019 and stayed at Capella. He spent time walking trails with Dr Ian Hutton, the island’s leading conservation scholar on all things related to Lord Howe’s unique biodiversity habitat for plants and animals. Seeing the island through Ian’s eyes allowed Craig to zero in on unique native botanicals that were endemic to the island and also on those which had a compelling scent story. Craig also had the privilege of visiting a few of the island’s oldest family homes and was able to spend time in taking in their garden’s unique scent offering after decades of adaptation to Lord Howe’s climate.

TRIPLICITY is a limited edition collaboration of 50 candles and is available for sale exclusively at Capella Lodge.


*Selected imagery courtesy of Capella Lodge