Pink Moon Disco - The Autumn Edit

As the March Equinox approaches and the cool change sets in, we travel north to Australia’s central desert and embrace April’s busy sky with its pink moon, solar eclipse and meteor showers.

Saffron, sandalwood and cardamom are our guiding lights with their calming, grounding and energising properties. We then head south. Way south. To the bracing shores of King Island where we’re immersed in pristine wilderness, log fires and the warmth of native kunzea.

Finally, we settle back east with a nod to crisp and fresh Bondi and, for those wanting more, we head underground to a velvet booth in a basement off King Street and sample our newly released decadent Gidley scent. 



This fragrance encapsulates the sheer energy of Central Australian flora. A bountiful base of desert oak recalls the dry sandy plains that surround Uluru while native grass and wild berry notes signify a kaleidoscopic feast. A subtle hint of native mint bush opens up a quietly spiritual dimension.






This bright fragrance evokes the clean autumn afternoon light that dapples North Bondi’s rockpool as it swells with the rising tide. The golden light is a magnet and grassy knoll hums. Cooling seabreezes roll in and thicken the air. Whispers turn to laughter as evening plans are made.





This candle and its unique fragrance tell the story of Kittawa Lodge and its pristine wilderness. With a fresh opening of petitgrain and native mint bush to stimulate the senses, it’s the Tasmanian native boronia and kunzea that quietly announce their presence before being comforted by the warmth of cedarwood and native white cypress.



A few steps down to a basement off King Street, behind a thick wooden door, lies a plush, lush and cozy dining establishment. Classic dishes and classic cocktails are paired with an award winning wine list and golden-age hospitality. Follow the velvet and dark wood rabbit-warren to the Norfolk Room and settle in for a long afternoon.

Welcome to opulent all-day aromatic dining.